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Hello world! It’s just another voice in the crowd.

Yep I am trying to get a blog started using a WordPress theme. So far all I am doing is getting frustrated. That being said I do have something I wrote earlier I do want to post.

Ok. So over the last few days I have been listening to Wil Wheaton’s Just a Geek and realized that 25 years ago I was one of the people that bashed Wil Wheaton for his role as Wesley Crusher. I admittedly did get tired of the Wesley saving the day, but then it only made sense just most of the time he put the ship in the danger it was in. Seriously, there is a reason they insurance on teen drivers is so damn high and this rocket scientist were letting one have free range on a space ships navigation systems. I was also jealous though to because I wanted to be the kid sitting there having the time of their life. I collected the cards even sent one of to all the actors and in theory they signed them and sent them back in the SASE I provided. (Yes, somewhere in my house I have a Wil Wheaton signed Wesley Crusher trading card or two. ) But listening to this audiobook makes me realize that he and I have similar fears and challenges in life. We are both around the same age, married with children. We do have times were we worry if we are doing the best we can for our families and self doubt in our careers, or at least he did when we wrote the book but I can’t see those fears ever truly going away.

With that send I have decided that there is enough going on in my crazy life that I am going to follow suit and really try to get a blog going again. This is the third or fourth time I have send I am going to start a blog but have never really done it. Will this time be different I don’t know but seeing as I am typing this it seems it might. Now I have been spending some free time lately surf the net and reading personal blog and of course I circled back to Wil’s site but there was something I hadn’t notice before, Anne Wheaton had started a blog. So I wondered what was her first post, so archiving I went and what I found was titled “ My husband is awesome” a post clearly written by Wil so I looked for the second post which was appropriately titled “I am Queen of my Domain!” from December 10, 2013. As I read it was very close to my own reasoning so I have decided to re-write the last two paragraphs of “her” first post but for me. If you read them side by side they a will be very, very similar but the form works so as I am fond of telling my team why reinvent the wheel.

You may be asking yourself, “Who is Anne Wheaton, I mean John Mooney and why does he need a blog?” So I’ll tell you a little bit about me. I’m a 42, gonna milk that age as long as I can, year old Husband and father. I have to amazing little boys the oldest is 5 and the youngest just turned 2. I got a BFA in Theatre Design from the University of Memphis. Immediately after graduating I started working in marketing and advertising, primarily websites and have been doing that for the last 15 years. I currently work for an ad agency in Memphis as the Director of Digital Media, which means I work with the designers and creative directors to come up with crazy ideas and then turn around and go “Oh shit I just helped sell this and now I have to build it! WHAT WAS I THINKING!” I am a comic book and toy collecting, Batman loving fanboy. I love Star Wars and Star Trek (I am a trekkie and not a Trekker.) Doctor Who watching fool. I am a Geek and a Nerd.

I wanted a blog because sometimes I just thing that I want to have some place to go to put some thoughts out there that made someone will relate to and have some ideas. I am not a professional writer so if I make mistakes, I’m really okay with it.

And to quote Anne Wheaton “I’m doing this for my own amusement and [as] an attempt at doing something outside my comfort zone because life is too short to not try new things.”



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