Blog Entry

Let’s stop and think a sec.

Ok so I have been spending way to much time getting this WordPress theme to work. I was thinking hat with my experience I would just get this going in no time at all, after this is not the first WordPress site I have ever built but it turns out that when you don’t build in the for awhile your skills get rusty. That said I finally got the base theme working, came up with an idea for a logo (just need to finalize it with some original art) and added some pics. The next thing I needed to do was take a step back and decide in on what skills do I really wanted to focus on: designing, coding, writing, photography, marketing. What makes the most sense. Now normally I would say that I need to work on a custom design and coding but I kinda think in this case content needs to be king. Once I know how I will use this blog I will be better able to decide what I need to build and design. So enough for tonight need to get so sleep.


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